djummi.013: T. Steiner – unnamed, untitled

(deutsche Version)

Theodor Steiner - unnamed, untitled (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi-records,

once there was a time, when long-playing records were chosen by their amount of tracks. The less the better. That’s what my father told me. He would definitely love Theodor Steiner’s “”unnamed, untitled”.

In other words: djummi.013 will challange you in view of your listening habits. 2 tracks, 58 minutes. Overdrive bass. Instrumental. I know, this doesn’t taste like light fare in the first instance. But I am confident, that you’ll make it. When the album once is started, the music acts like a lava lamp and creates pleasant noisy ambience in your room or between your earpieces. Just dive into it, follow the wafting bass frequencies and in the end you’ll feel musically reborn. For me personally this is the long ago due rescue from the songsingerwriter radio edit.

But seriously: On his debut the Cologne resident of choice, Theodor Steiner, who not just works solo, but also runs the Band Blarg together with Torn Vega, you maybe already met here on djummi-records, presents two atmospheric and noisy overdrive bass improvisations. Spontaneous, uncut and truly deep!

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