Torn Vega

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Being guitarist in the Cologne psych-rock band Blarg Torn begins his solo project in 2017 by reason of acute ideas accumulation. And as a start he produces not less than a whole album trilogy in the first year.

Torn is no do-gooder.”He doesn’t want to chance the world, he’s just looking for the next cool song”, to say it loosley based on Billy Brag. But regardless Torn’s songs offer long awaited proposals to reform Germany’s pop music goings-on, which in his opinion lacks “real coolness!”.

Torn does not hide his inspiration. On the albums “Beaches”, “Temples” and “Three” he hints on artists like The Beach Boys, Suicide, Velvet Underground or Stooges. And also japanese psych rock bands like Les Rallizes Denudes, White Heaven or The Stars have a strong influence on him. But he never wears out in just emulating this music. Torn is creating his very own sound: risky, experimental, new. And with his music he draws a flashy bow from almost schlager-like Beat Music, over Broken Dilletante Lofi Rock up to Drone Guitar Noise.

Torn says, his songs are for all the people out there. For the misfits, if you know what I mean …

djummi.009 – Beaches (2018)
djummi.010 – Temples (2018)
djummi.011 – Three (2018)

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