djummi.009/010/011 – Torn Vega

(deutsche Version)

Torn Vega - Three (Cover)

Everybody on the dancefloor is going “Uuuhh”!

The first release of this year is, as always, something very special. Thrilling music, potential hits and irritating songs in one go. Spread over three wonderful albums, which have a thread – Psych Rock: Torn Vegas’ triple jump in the form of “Beaches”, “Temples” and “Three”. Produced within just one year. Immediately, lively and different. I am very happy about this discovery and I enjoy sharing it with you.

Ok, Torn Vega: Welcome to the djummi-family! And to all the outsiders among yourselves, to those, who miss the real cool Deutschpop for so long and to those, who want to know, what really happened to Rock’n Roll
in the 90ies, I warmly recommend this music.

djummi djummi

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