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Esrevinu eht fo tnempoleved eht tuoba yroeht – Llankrú – the latest project of the White Brothers from Dresden.

Completed by old hand drummer Julia Stephan and guitar tinker/northman Tilo, basses roll on exact placed beats over escalating, never to loud/never to lax guitar constructs. Carefully placed vocals fit into music, which sees itself to be instrumental (?imagery).

More sustainability than fairground racket, hooklines/flourish want/will (whether from behind or frontal/if you want or not) hook upwards the ear canal – merciless – from Planet 9 to Thiersen – from Cure to Bauhaus (reference) – and back – and always turning around each other.
(Text: Andreas Schulze, translated from German)

Thomas Weiß: guitar, samples
Julia Stephan: drums
Tilo: guitar
Stefan Weiß: bass

Release: djummi.007 – Llankrú (2017)

Links: Bandcamp | Sonicsquirrel

14.12.19: Veränderbar, Dresden
15.06.19: Veränderbar, Dresden, BRin der Veränderbar, 20h
20.10.18: Veränderbar, Dresden – with MARX from Berlin
28.04.18: supporting MARX (Berlin) – Veränderbar, Dresden, 21h | CANCELED
03.02.18: Bandstand – Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden
21.10.17: Record Release Party at Veränderbar (Dresden), start 21h


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