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Llankrú - Llankrú (Cover)

Dear friends of djummi,

“anfang august ende september” was menkenkes, middle of October is Llankrú. That’s the name of another Dresden based band, whose self-titled debut now comes out with, considering djummi’s standards, a rather unusual release intervall.

The proximity of time may be allowed in view of the circumstance, that both groups belong to the same Dresden band scene. And furthermore Llankrú spins the already tied musical thread further with their idea of melancholic and puristic-narrative Instrumental Postrock.

Who likes to see Llankrú live, can come to the Veränderbar in Dresden on Saturday the 21th of October. Then the band’s record release party will take place. Because “Llankrú” is not just published as a free download, it’s also available on cd.

Ok, let’s go! Burst into Llankrú’s time and space and get told 6 wonderfull stories!

See you soon, behind the moon!

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