Let’s Remix “Girl, are you crazy?”

We love remixes and we love to remix. What about you?

Tending to Huey, which came out on djummi-records last November with their album “Poison Apple” believe in the remix culture as well. And therefore they want to share the tracks of the song “Girl, are you crazy?” with you.

So, feel free to download the remix-kit, produce a new song, make a film with it or something completely different. And share it again under the creative commons-license (by-nc-sa).

Here you´ll find the tracks: Tending to Huey – Girl, are you crazy? (Remix-Kit: 24 bit/44100 hz, 325 MB)

And of course we are very interested in your work. So please send it back to us. The best will be published on our site.

Send us your music!

And here you can listen to the mixes we’ve already received:

(deutsche Version)

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